To keep your Sea Sport in tip top shape, we recommend semi-annual boat maintenance.

We’re currently working on a custom Operations and Maintenance Manual — until then, please review our checklist of maintenance and action items.


  • Check oil/fill
  • Check transom mounting bolts or jack plate bolts (if equipped)
  • Check propeller and skeg for damage
  • Check drive/gearcase for water/burnt lubricant & refill
  • Treat fuel with decarbonizer
  • Check engine operating temperature each outing if there is a gauge, otherwise:
  • Check engine for proper operating RPM @ WOT
  • Check fuel lines for alcohol and UV degradation
  • Lubricate all grease points
  • Check power trim/tilt fluid, refill if necessary
  • Coat electrical with silicone protectant spray
  • Have linkage & synchronization checked
  • Retorque all accessible bolts & fasteners
  • Touch up paint
  • Check engine mounts and swivel & steering bracket for excessive play
  • Replace water pump impeller
  • Treat fuel with storage conditioner, fog engine, drain & refill oil, replace oil & fuel filters
  • Steering System
  • Check for excessive play or movement
  • Check fluid level & check for leaks & bleed system (hydraulic)
  • Check engine free-play and adjust (dual cable/NFB)
  • Lubricate all grease points
  • Check for kinks (hydraulic and mechanical) and/or binding (mechanical)
  • Boat: Interior, Tops, Safety Gear, Hull, Hardware
  • Check hull for damage; repair if necessary
  • Check transom for possible cracking
  • Wash hull and deck
  • Check registration and inspection to ensure up-to-date
  • Check bilge pump and auto switch for proper operation
  • Check battery(s) for proper charge
  • Check all other electrical accessories and systems for proper operation
  • Check safety gear to ensure up-to-date and in good condition
  • Check fire extinguishing systems
  • Clean and protect interior
  • Wax/polish hull and deck
  • Clean bilge
  • Check top, cover, etc. for condition, proper storage and clean/protect
  • Check bow and stern eyes for tightness and secure mounting
  • Check rub rail for damage and repair if necessary
  • Check all cleats, rail fittings and deck fittings for tightness and secure mounting


  • Check coupler mechanism for proper operation; lubricate w/silicone spray
  • Check safety chains for rust, damage
  • Check winch and winch strap; check emergency retention chain/strap
  • Check tiedowns and tiedown eyes
  • Check lights, connector and wiring harness for condition and repair if necessary
  • Check tires for proper inflation pressure (include spare)
  • Check wheel bearings for proper grease level, binding, excessive noise
  • Check suspension for rust, damage, missing bolts; repair if necessary
  • Check tires for age, weather checking, low or uneven tread (check spare also)
  • Check wheels for condition
  • Check boat support bunks or rollers for condition
  • Check frame for rust; paint if necessary
  • Repack wheel bearings

Printable Checklist